lightlife chikn nuggets

Impressions of Lightlife Chikn Nuggets

I was at the grocery store just recently, trying my hardest to not look like I was shoplifting, (I wasn’t), when I noticed something.

“Hmm, a new fake chicken nugget? Doth my eyes deceive me?”

Nope. I just had to buy these. And I did.

lightlife chikn nuggets

 Lightlife chikn nuggets


lightlife chikn nuggets

Lightlife Chikn Nuggets were tasty! Unlike some other fake chicken brands with like 3 pieces, cough, cough, (I’m not coughing so I can subtly mention the guilty brand brand, I have a cold) there was more than 2 pieces in the box.

lightlife chikn nuggets
This is not a dream… okay it is, but these still exist in real life.

As you can see it comes with around 90 of these delicious nuggets and they are pretty good.

When  I originally ate these, I figured I’d write about them. So I wrote down some notes; Well this is what I wrote:

  • Tasty, but bit too tasty (what?)
  • Decent texture
  • Kind of Chewy
  • A bit soft
  • Decent aftertaste
  • Would the world be better off without me?
  • A bit greasy
  • There are better, but it’s not bad

So there’s that.  Anyway, these were pretty good. Honestly, having been a vegan for almost a decade now, I love any  meat substitute that doesn’t taste like a bandaid.

lightlife chikn nuggets

I would recommend these. My favorites are still the Gardein ones and Trader Joe’s brand, but these are a nice new contender. The great thing about more options is that there are more options! Also, as more brands start competing, the price will probably fall a bit. I mean, fake meats aren’t super expensive, per se, but it would be nice to not have to remortgage the house every time I go shopping. Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t own a house. I do have a box of these Lightlife Chikn Nuggets, so there’s that. Oh wait, I already ate them.