The Skinny on Gardein Beefless Sliders

Wondering if Gardein Beefless Sliders are the bees vegan knees? Look no further as we blow the lid off  this modern vegan mystery!

Gardein Beefless Sliders Review

Here’s the skinny. They are easy to make, flavorful and decently nutricious.

So, as you can see in the nutritional info below, they aren’t the worst thing you can eat.
Gardein Beefless Sliders Nutrition
You’ll Probably eat about two at a time, which is an awesome 300 calories.  If you are on a diet and counting calories, these will make your life easy. You can see that the protein content is pretty good. There are a bunch of carbs in the bun, and the bun doesn’t claim to be whole wheat. I try to avoid eating refined carbohydrates, but there is no shame in eating some occasionally.

Have a nightmare office job that drains your soul? Well, at least you can now have some tasty sliders during break. Unless Sarah from accounting steals your lunch again. Just write ‘VEGAN’ on them with a sharpie to keep the office clones away.

These are super easy to make. Fundamentally, you have two choices in how you microwave these bad boys. You can either follow the instructions and heat up the patty first, then place it in the buns, turn it upside down and then heat it all together, or you can just throw it all in the microwave and hope for the best. At work, you’ll probably end up doing the latter, well I do, anyway. Don’t want to look too weird in the office, well, anymore than I already do. The lazy way can leave the bread a bit soggy or tough, making them super gross. If you can, the on box instructions really are the way to go. Show those coworkers how little you care about their impressions of your slider microwave behavior!

All in all, Gardein Beefless Sliders are easy to make. If at home, you can always put some vegan cheese on them, vegan mayo, or some greens. I enjoy eating them with some mustard and baby spinach. They are your Gardein Beefless Sliders, so eat them however you please.  And by that, I mean munching on them while sobbing in your cubicle… thanks, George. R. R. Martin.

As far as flavor goes, these sliders are alright. They won’t instantly send you into blissful nirvana, but they’re definitely not gross. I’d say that the meat is decent, although maybe a tad bit sweet. The bread is what you’d expect it to taste like. If you follow the on box instructions and add some Daiya cheese to them they become exponentially tastier. Almost too good.

You can find these in some major super market chains, in the frozen section. I know, it makes you sad because it reminds you of Hunter, but just brave through it, these are worth it.  They’re not too expensive, usually around 4 bucks.

So there’s the low down, now just ask yourself why you read an article about Gardein Beefless Sliders for the past 3 minutes.

Don’t feel bad though, you’re not the one who wrote it.


  • L. D

    These are delicious.The bun is really good,a bit sweet,but tasty.I do not find the “beef” sweet at all. I add onion and pickles & it’s a real treat.I have a very hard time finding this product lately.