cabbage salad

Kale & Cabbage Salad with Avocado

This recipe for Kale & Cabbage Salad with Avocado can inspire hope, will charm your in-laws, and woo the ghost that lives in your closet that only you can see.

Kale and Cabbage Salad with Avocado

Cabbage Salad

Short on time, don’t worry, make this and add some lime. Ehhhh.

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook time: 3 minutes

Yield: 4 Servings

Nutrition facts: 100 Calories

4 stalks of kale
1/4 head cabbage
3 avocados, sliced nicely
3 tablespoons cilantro
2 limes


  1. Wash the kale and put it in a food processor.
  2. Add the cabbage as well.
  3. Throw in the cilantro.
  4. Blend it until it is finely minced.
  5. Okay, here comes the tricky part.
  6. Slice up the avocados and place it on top.
  7. Be really, really careful here and pour lime juice all over it.
  8. Eat.

Kale & Cabbage Salad with Avocado Recipe Notes

This is an awesome little salad thingy that really can be used a bunch of different ways. You can use it to fill pillows, start fires in the wilderness and to cure light abrasions. Okay, that’s all kind of not true, but you really can do a lot with this cabbage salad stuff. I put it on tostadas, heat up some beans or vegan fake chicken and throw it on top, or even just eat it by itself.

Cabbage is really good for us and I feel it gets neglected in most households. Like bell peppers, the different colors have unique nutritional cocktails. I like to always get the color that is most appetizing to me. I think it’s a way for the body to tell you what nutrients it needs. Raw cabbage can reduce cholesterol levels and has shown some awesome cancer preventative benefits.

Kale is also super nutritious as well. When you mix it with cabbage, and add some avocado, and eat it your body will really thank you… by making you incredibly gassy at your next quarterly meeting at work. Thanks body.