Are Vegans self-indulgent?

Are vegans self-indulgent?

I was having a discussion with someone online and they sent me this Anthony Bourdain quote:

“I don’t have any understanding of it. Being a vegan is a first-world phenomenon, completely self-indulgent.”

Wait.. did he call vegans self-indulgent? What? He did call vegans self-indulgent!?! Versus first world omnivores? Oh, boy, the irony.

Apparently Anthony Bourdain made this quote during an interview with Playboy back in 2011.  I really respect him and indulge in watching his show. Well, i did until they took it off of Netflix. I know it may sound weird as a vegan, but his love of travel is why I watch it, although he is about as vegan as a drunken spotted leopard that owns a hamburger shop. On his show he rips on vegans and vegetarians often, but it’s understandable, I mean, who doesn’t. He also has a hard time watching animals get slaughtered. Interesting…

The person who posted this quote, sat in front of his/her computer and was delighted to share it. I could imagine the smug look on their face as they hit the post button. Rather than disputing an argument, people love to simply discredit the people behind it. You can find this behavior everywhere. Politicians attacking their opponents, smearing campaigns. Fox new pundits calling environmentalists dirty hippy liberals. My girlfriend calling me a greasy thug. Anthony Bourdain calling vegans self-indulgent.

Why offer a valid counter argument (especially when there is none) when it is possible to us the ad hominem fallacy? It’s hard to logically denounce veganism, so what do you do? Go after the people themselves.

This quote essentially reads as follows:

  • Vegans are typically found in first world countries. This ignores places like Mexico, that have many vegans.
  • Poor people eat meat in third world countries where they have no other choice. Although in many places, meat is a status symbol of the wealthy.
  • So, because those people have no choice, vegans who choose to not eat meat are selfish, and therefor are self-indulgent in their own dogmatic beliefs.
  • Let’s repeat the notion again that vegans are self-indulgent, just because of the ridiculous, you have to be fucking kidding me, irony.

The hilarity of the concept above is obvious. Yet, some person thought it was a great argument against being vegan. They even posted it online. Wait, someone said this during an interview in the first place. Oh, my.

Calling vegans self-indulgent, the same people who make a shit ton of sacrifices to even be called a vegan in the first place, is pretty funny. Especially when the main reason people eat meat in first world nations is because they simply want to.

Vegans self indulgent? How does that make any fucking sense.

I watch Anthony Bourdain on television, and he has a hard time watching animals get slaughtered. It is admirable that he eats what the locals eat, animal entrails and bugs and all. That has little to do with being a vegan in a first world country. Calling first world vegans self-indulgent, is stupid as they are actually making great sacrifices and fulfilling a responsibility to the world.

In third world countries, people drive shitty cars that spew toxic fumes out of them and are completely unregulated. So obviously getting a smog check or driving a hybrid is self-indulgent. Right?!? So, by that logic, not only are vegans self-indulgent, but environmentalists too.

Stuffing your face with exactly what you want, while completely ignoring any adverse side effects on the planet, is probably a bit more self-indulgent. This stupid quote sounds a bit like projection to me. It’s similar to the appeal to nature fallacy, but it’s more like an appeal to the disadvantaged. Because disadvantaged people cannot make the same choices, we must not either. Yup, that make perfect fucking sense. Yup, just like calling vegans self-indulgent.

Whatever, I’ll still watch his show. Oh wait, I think they took it off Netflix a while ago. Meh.



  • Lomedin

    I basically hate chefs and such scum. Society gives them some sort of higher status simply because they indulge themselves in commodity and pleasure. Well, society is fucked up, after all.
    I suspect this guy not having any understanding of it is related to his lack of wit (was that ad hominem? Well, fuck him, in any case).
    By the way, many primal tribes had/have a plant based diet.

  • Rosa Borisova

    The stupidity is endless. No wonder the world is in such dire straights. The masses unfortunately don’t do their “home work”only… it’s easier to believe anything any “famous” moron says.

  • Rhea

    People make comments without knowing anything about the environmental issues associated with eating meat! If we all stopped eating meat then we could save so much useable land and keep our water clean. Eating meat is the #1 cause of deforestation and greenhouse emissions in the world–period. This is without even mentioning the cruelty factor. Vegans are the opposite of self-indulgent– we would rather change the way we eat for millions of animals we will never see or meet rather than know they will be treated cruelly.