part time vegan

Part time vegan, why not?

“Yeah, but, like what do you eat? Just lettuce?”

“Yes, that is all I eat.”

People eat all kinds of plant based foods throughout the day, then suddenly have no idea what a vegan eats. They see plant based food as an alien idea, harbored by radical vegan people, who, thanks to the media, are all a group of dogmatic, hostile preachers. Unfortunately, due to the human ego, a primitive tribal mindset and human kind’s inexhaustible need to feel superior to others, there is a new division in people’s minds:

Vegans vs. Carnivores! Read On!

Vegan Meat Substitutes

Vegan meat substitutes – What are the best options?

Once upon a time vegan meat substitutes were horrid, I mean absolutely disgusting. When I was in high school, my father had to cut down on his cholesterol and the doctor recommended that he eat veggie burgers. Well, holy veggie patty, were they disgusting!

Flash forward to today and lucky for us, it has never been easier to be vegan. There are now many delicious vegan meat substitutes, and new exciting things coming out every day, so many in fact that it might be overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, I’ll break them down and explain them all. Read On!

You'll never think of vegan food the same way