What or who is Vegan Chowhound and what are they all about?

“So what is a Chowhound?”

A chowhound is “a very enthusiastic eater” according to Google.

“What is a Vegan?”

Oh, boy. Well, a vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products.

So… Vegan Chowhound is an idea created by a few (and by a few I mean me and maybe my girlfriend) vegan Angelinos who would like to contribute our idea of what being vegan is all about, in hopes of maybe attracting a few (and by few I mean two, tops) omnivores over to the  wonderful, amazing VeganLand®.

We all just have this one life and it would be a waste not to try and make as much of a positive change as possible and just say something, anything. So the idea will be to try to spread the gospel of vegan while being as preachy and hostile as possible… wait no.  We are trying to liberate all the refugees who were born in Vega and have so few places to eat out at, unless they live in Berlin. Wait, what?!? The point of all of this is to try and put a new spin on being vegan and be the change we want to see on the world.

  • Christy Fierros

    I just discovered your website or blog and I fucking love it already. So genius, so hilarious (I didn’t think there was other people out there like me :P) thank you for doing what you do! Please check out my blog (oh dear I wasn’t even trying to advertise but I guess I am now) so we can share some cool ideas/recipes!

You'll never think of vegan food the same way